Oct 25, 2023

My interview

My recent interview featured in Homes India magazine.


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Oct 23, 2023

Vasantham Community Hall at Theni

In the year 2003, my office was approached by the village community elders of Allinagaram ( Theni town) to design a community Hall within a limited budget. I recently found a couple of photos I had clicked during the construction site visit of this community building along with the concept drawings and rendered views. So curiosity made me search the location in Google street view where I could click the current pictures of the building.

I had designed the main hall in the first floor and the dining hall at the ground level. The ramp dropoff took you to the first level. I had requested the structural consultant Er.Ganesh Kanna to avoid the typical deep beams in the dining hall and work with flat beams and mushroom columns which were quite futuristic in those days for a building in a rural area. 

Google street view

Porch under construction 2003

Dining hall with mushroom columns


Oct 21, 2023

Eden at Villupuram

This is a twin residence I had designed at Villupuram for two young families.

Mr.&Mrs. Don were our family friends from Madurai and when their daughter Diana  requested me to design her dream home, I couldn't say no.  It was a small plot and also required a rental unit on the upper floor. It was an interesting challenge to achieve all requirements and still make the house look spacious.

3D renders of the twin residences

Almost in finishing stage

Its a tradition here to honor the architect and rest of the construction staff on the occasion of house warming ceremony. 

On the occasion of house warming with the happy clients !