Nov 28, 2012

The Leeches...

In Abstract thoughts they float
I detest their very sight
They see themselves and gloat
Parasites all dressed in white

Hollow lives of Wanton pride
With Promises not worth a dime
All naked -nowhere to hide
The Stinking lowly grime

With deceiving empty speeches
Suck the blood of common folk
Hail! All my country's leeches
In Parliament house they croak

Nov 23, 2012

The Shameless thing!

Like a fat flightless bird flapping its wing   
Noising aloud yet No action to sing; 
Looting the Nation and Living like a king   
Is the Politician– the most shameless thing!

I was shocked with this atrocious incident. A blatant and shameful violation of the freedom of expression. I thought I lived in a free country.... Check here and show your support.

Nov 20, 2012

Utsav 2012

Utsav- surreal steps!

Archi girls set the stage on fire!

Golden Butterflies...

setting the mood..
Sudharshan with the girls...

CRM girls on the high!
Archi boys with the "funny dance"

Arnav and Divya hit the high notes...

Rajith & Mukundan -"why this kolaveri?"

Mukundan with Ashok - a surprise package :)

Magesh - the star singer

Ashok rolling the drums...
Our company's annual cultural festival - UTSAV was held on the 17th Nov. The Dance and Music shows were the highlight and kept the audience on their feet. The corporate band "rhythm" played about 12 songs and I was on the drum. One of the singers was down with a sore throat and I was requested to take the mike for that song- a surprise package for everyone including  myself!

Photo Credits : Shakir

Nov 18, 2012


Pencil sketch by ashok

Revolution is Not by Gun; 
Not by tears nor by blood; 
But by the pen of a rational head 
And a million voices in unison.

Nov 12, 2012

The End Game...


The day is dragging to an end   
    The pen is losing ink.   
The journey on the final bend   
     The ship is eager to sink.   
The trophies that once spoke his fame;   
    Now faded, jaded in rust.   
Memories frozen in photo frame;   
    Forgotten - gathering dust.   
Metal and paper saved in bank;   
    His life times labor and toil.   
Hardly matter and add to blank   
    when it’s time to hit the soil.   
The candle melts by his bedside;   
    An ominous flickering flame.   
His wall clock ticks and waits to decide;   
    There’s no winner in this game. 

Nov 6, 2012

Nov 1, 2012


Now I see the Light in front,
My night is turned to day;
All this while I was Ignorant;
But now enlightened- my way!
Step by step I carefully tread
Every pot hole I clearly see;
Chased the ghosts I used to dread;
I am reborn with a heart in glee!