Mar 22, 2012


[Warning: The content of the clip is not for the light hearted]


Hounds that howl and devour the dead
Prowled around for flesh and blood
Hell broke loose –Oh! Wails of pain;
Bullets, bombs and chemical rain

Callous demons in cannibal fest,
Raped the doves and burnt their nest;
Stripped the feathers and slit their neck;
Buried in heaps, massacred wreck.

The proud nation fell to dust;
The world watched them moan and rust.
The demons danced in triumphant fest
And thanked Buddha for their conquest.

Mar 15, 2012

The Summer Night

digital art by ashok

I walk in circles on my open terrace,
Over the warm terracotta -bare foot.
The night is tepid- winds of furnace;
Summer night – Even the birds are mute.
No sign of rain –the air is dry;
I look up – a cloudless sky.
With no where to hide-the moon is high;
The only riot – the bats that fly.
The mosquitoes menacingly encircle me
Even as the crickets and lizards chant
The town is dark as far as I could see
Powerless, Sleepless- the endless rant…