Apr 29, 2005

Few Of My Early Works....

Poster color on Thermacole sheet (1996)

Two Horses
Poster color on Thermacole sheet (1996)

Fear (abstract)
Poster Color (1995)

Tune of Life - Poster Color (1994)

Mother & Child...
Water color (1988)

A Face...Poster color (1989)
I loved to experiment with faces and
bright colors in my younger days...

The Cliff...Water Color (1990)
I was always fascinated by the rough bold forms
of nature.. made me wonder at the hands that shaped them...

The Trees...Poster Color (1994)
This is a scene from my engineering college campus...
Palmyra and palm trees...

Harvest...Color Pencil (1995)
My experiment in light and colors ...

Time..Water Color (1995)
I love the balance of Grace and Strength in horses...

The Mother..Poster Color (1997)
a tribute to Mother Teresa.

Abstract...Poster color (1997)

Apr 28, 2005

by the Sea...

Poster Color (1989)

One of the paintings done during my school days that has surprisingly survived till now. I remember painting this from a picture postcard.

by the River...

Poster Color (1994)

Occasion : Ecstasy '94- the cultural festival of MSEC

My seniors had arranged for an Art exhibition and there was not enough 'good' stuff on display...so I was requested to do another painting in the last minuite. I choose subject 'Nature' as it is the easiest to paint...this took abt 30 odd minuites.

Apr 22, 2005


Color Pencil (1994)

I did this color sketch for a Greeting card..but never sent it to anybody till now !