Jun 21, 2012

The Red Fighter...

My favorite Red Fighter fish..... Poster Color on Paper
I saw a similar work (using palette knife on canvas) on the net. I attempted something similar to amuse my daughter...

Some of my friends wanted to know what these “Poster colors” are and why that seems to be my favorite medium.
 Poster colors are basically water soluble colors. Unlike water colors that are transparent, poster colors are very much opaque and give a smooth matt tone. They dry fast and have a uniform spread. With a little skill and by varying the use of water you can also get a water color effect. Now a days the poster bottles also come in the name of “Tempera colors” and are primarily used in art classes at schools.
In my younger days I had experimented with many paint mediums. But now I don’t get the luxury of time. Poster colors are ideal as they are opaque and quick drying and I can finish my paintings in less than an hour.
If you had observed closely, I have used not more than 6 colors in all my recent works. The reason is that, I am using the Poster color box intended for my daughter (she is into crayons and water color!) I am using a single amateur brush that came with the box.
Hopefully, I might buy a full set of paints and a few professional brushes one of these days!

Jun 18, 2012

The Walk...

Pen on Paper by Ashok
I was inspired to sketch this scene from a snap posted by my blog friend & photographer Indrani on her Frozen Moments! I was sketching with Pen after years and realized that I was a bit rusty...and impatient with my strokes.

Jun 14, 2012

Jun 10, 2012

The Musical Abstract...

Music - abstract by ashok
Poster Colors on Paper...

On my request Grace had obliged me with this master piece to complement my painting !!!

Jun 7, 2012