Apr 29, 2024

Apr 28, 2024

Verticalism in Architecture

My click of Phoenix Kessaku at Bangalore

Top 3 !

Topic : Verticalism in Architecture

photography group : minimal and more Black & White


Apr 27, 2024

Music minimalist

Photography group :  Minimal and more 

Theme : Music Minimalist

Happy to be selected as Top 3.  This image of Nithila playing Guitar was taken in 2008 

Apr 25, 2024

Home minimalist

 Top 2 in the minimalism photography group " minimal and more" for the theme "Home minimalist

Apr 23, 2024

The flip flops

Enjoying minimalism like never before! My click ' flip flops' is selected as top two in the "minimal and more - black & white" photography group under the theme "Home - minimalist"

In color

In B&W

Apr 22, 2024

Rectangles minimalist

 Happy to showcase my click that was selected top 3 in the " minimal and more - Black & white" photography group under the theme " Rectangles minimalist"

Apr 20, 2024

Abstract Art

 Happy to share that my photo "abstract art" is on the top 4 in the photography group "minimal and more" for the category abstract minimalist

Apr 17, 2024

Photography award - Best Black & White minimalist Architecture

 Happy to shate that AF Architettura e fotografia minimal has selected my photograph as one of the Best in the Black & White category. 

Sky light /atrium during construction at the Phoenix Mall of Asis

Apr 16, 2024

Photography award - Tea on my table

 My photograph titled " Tea on my Table" is adjudged as a Premier Photo in the Photographic Minimalism group. The theme was simplicity using Shapes - Small object or Simple Geometry

Apr 14, 2024


 Cicked at the Phoenix Mall of Asia, Bengaluru. 

Finalist on the theme Decorative objectives in the photography group "photo objects"

Apr 11, 2024

Photography award - Architecture indoor

 My click of  the staircase at DDP Seoul designed Ar Zaha Hadid is recognized as one of the Best photographs in the AF Architettura e Fotografia Minimal 

Top4 in the theme Stairs minimalist 

Photography group- Minimal and more black and white