Mar 26, 2005

Mystic eyes...

In her Eyes I behold
a thousand stars twinkle
Songs sung, Stories told
and battles fought and won;
Streams gush and quickly run;
The flowers laugh in fun;
Natures beauty seen in one
in her Mystic eyes alone

The day may turn to night;
The sun may lose his might;
But still I’ll get the light
From those sparkling Eyes.
Never once I’ve heard her voice
Yet still I talk with her;
Sweet and wise she replies
Through those Mystic Eyes

Barren the rivers may turn
Lo!The clouds may deny rain
Of thirst the world may burn
But I’ll never fear the worst
For I’ll quench my thirst
with looks no spring can equal
From the corners of her eyes
Those magic Mystic Eyes!

[written in 1991]


  1. Lovely beholds… Well gasped the power of eyes through your poem. So nice ashok! :)

  2. Wow. That wonderful verse.

  3. Fantastic image, and what beautiful words, Ashok!
    Happy Sunday to you!

  4. appaaa.deep thoughts yar...

  5. I love those magic mystic eyes too!

  6. Beautifully expressed poem ashok! Written in 1991, amazing! So you have been a poet for quite a while, I presume.
    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    Have a nice day! :)

  7. Her eyes sound as lovely as a poem! Well written.

  8. Wonderful poem, beautiful photo. Very nice post.

  9. I like those mystic eyes...perhaps a muse or an inspiration ~

  10. Loved the verses and the mystic eyes:)

  11. I love your poems, I can feel that you write from the heart. Also I like your architectural designs, they beautiful.