Apr 28, 2005

by the River...

Poster Color (1994)

Occasion : Ecstasy '94- the cultural festival of MSEC

My seniors had arranged for an Art exhibition and there was not enough 'good' stuff on display...so I was requested to do another painting in the last minuite. I choose subject 'Nature' as it is the easiest to paint...this took abt 30 odd minuites.


  1. Nice! Looks so real :)

  2. I guess the fence wiring and the stone pillars play an important aspect in the painting in brining out a different perspective with regards to distance and the overall viewpoint. Nice one.

  3. Fantastic! Have you ever been to the US? This painting reminds me of a scene in the state of Montana. Very nice!

  4. *shpriya...tanx

    *kamal...ya, I love composing that way. Also i had a series of paintings thro' a train window...have lost it though.

    *Trailady...no, never been to US..this place is just my imagination :)

    *Visithra..tanx :)

  5. very nice paintings...

    just reminded me of the time (now long gone i guess) when i used to paint so often....and was even passibly decent at it.

  6. Lovely creations - your use of vibrant colours is exciting!

  7. Lovely pictures - Your use of vibrant colours is exciting...