Sep 12, 2005

My Singing Debut !!

LOSA '92.The Cultural fest organized by TVS Lakshmi School, Madurai!
Many of my classmates will remember that it was the day our school missed the overall shield by a whisker. But More than that ,Iam sure they will remember the most hilarious embarrassment I put myself through on stage...

We had won prizes in Cartooning, pencil sketching, Ad act, cine quiz, rangoli, etc etc and were on hot chase for the overall shield. Our music team didn't turn up on the day. But in our desperate chase for the title, our guys decided to participate in light music competition. I never knew this. I was just coming out of the painting competition hall and addi or maybe chella dragged me to the back stage even before I could wash my hands and informed me that Iam singing. I don’t know how they were able to convince me. But the next moment I was on stage singing the infamous song ‘nila adhu vaanathu maelae’ and addi (on the drum) and shanta (on key board) were hearing the song for the first time in their life! Man! What a horrible situation to look back now! But that’s teenage guts I suppose.
Boy! If nedu could sing ‘manapaara manamadurai’ and manickam could sing ‘making melody’ in front of our class ,what’s the big deal for me I must have thought.
Anyway we didn’t do very badly till halfway. The crowd was clapping, dancing and cheering and I got carried away and OOPS! I didn’t remember the last stanza. You must be in my shoes to understand exactly how it feels. The closest comparison I can give you is this: You reach your office lobby and realize you forgot to wear your trousers!
I was repeating the same line over and over in different tunes and I even repeated the line once in chaste carnatic. Then I heard a voice amidst ‘boos’ and laughter form the crowd “dai..mavanae..eppadium keela thana varanum…”& the next moment I threw the mike and took off.
Several years later in Anna University, I sang the same song once again... and this time I remembered the last stanza! What a relief!

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