Oct 2, 2005

Bollywood can save a Life !

For Afghanistan, India is the mother culture. Bollywood’s popularity predominates all. A repertoire of Bollywood songs can save your life in Afghanistan, as an Indian executive of the Asian Development Bank discovered in 2002. While on an inspection tour of the Kandahar-Herat road, being reconstructed with ADB aid, he was kidnapped by local Afghan highwaymen. The hapless Indian had forgotten his passport at his camp-site. The highwaymen, thinking he was Pakistani, were ready to kill him. But he established his credentials when he sang a series of Bollywood songs. His captors were delighted and personally escorted him back to his camp — with apologies
excerpt from AFGHAN FILE -Come home to Kandahar

1 comment:

  1. I should think most Pakistanis can also sing Bollywood songs quite easily. With more fervor than us, sometimes...

    You have to pay extra attention when you are watching all those pirated videos from across the border you see.

    That could be the reaosn they remember the songs, dialogues better!