May 21, 2006

SS Music targets Madurai

VJs Cary and Paloma from SS Music
were in Madurai this week to inaugurate a `
Virtual Request' kiosk at Tornado, one of the popular joints for the young at heart. Anybody stepping into the hang out could use the kiosk, free of cost, to request a song or to dedicate it to his or her loved ones.
In a pep talk, the Jockeys completely disagreed with the "so-called conservative" outlook of the "traditional" city and believed that the youth here were "wrongly branded as outmoded" besides being denied of an opportunity to be avant-garde.
"It is a mistake by most of the television channels to avoid places like Madurai after being carried away by such illogical notions of conservatism. But, we cannot be cowed down by such tantrums. SS Music has many things in store for Madurai and the first step in the direction is setting up this kiosk," exalts Cary.

(From the Hindu...)


  1. What do you think? Is Madurai ready for letting go of the conservative tag


  2. Anonymous5:23 PM this a trick question? :)