Nov 3, 2007

Shanghai visit..03

Crabs at the Restaurant entrance lobby... which one u want to pick?
My Lunch table...Fish soaked in sweet sauce with an array of saltless boiled vegetables and greens...
China is one place that can even rattle a pure non-veggie ...The guy on the next table was having hairy Ox tail and tongue... didnt dare to take a snap.

my dinner plate...chinese puzzle!

It took me 15 minutes and all my dumb charade skills to make the waitress understand that I needed Tomato ketchup...

shuo zhian...


  1. :) I'm glad you finally got the ketch up. I can't recognize anything from your 'dinner plate'.

  2. hi sunshine...glad to see ur comment after a long time...

  3. We couldnt make the waiter understand that we needed Sesame oil for our bibimbap :( Better acting skills maybe :D

    Love the array of colors on your table. It is good for health :)