Feb 28, 2009

a drive to Idaikattur...02

Idaikattur is the place where Siddhar Idaikattar lived and set the Navagrahas - the pattern followed by later temples...a small temple stands testimony to this important event in the history of temple architecture.
The countryside surrounding the village is green and yet rustic. The place is home to various bird species like kauthari, kadai, maina, karichan kuruvi, etc...
...'sithu pura' (small wild dove)
a pair of wild doves fluttering off at the sight of my car...
.'kana-koli'- a wild type of hen...very fast on its legs..

grazing cows and 'unni kokku' (cattle egretts)...
the scerene countryside...
the road leading to the village...


  1. முன்னே ஊர் சுத்தினது இப்ப உதவுது இல்லையா...? எது எப்படியோ உன் கேமரா கண்ணில் பட்டது அழகாய் தெரிவதில் ஆச்சரியமில்லை...

  2. I don’t know what the matter, the white cranes around cows. Where recently I saw group of cranes around a buffalo in vedanthangal! I love countryside. Nice pictures :)

  3. *raza...vaada..oor suthunathu eppavum veen poohathu :)

    *Jeevan...these cranes pick and eat the fleas & other insects from the cattle. Thats y they r called "unni" kokku in Tamil!

  4. A landscape very different from ours.
    When it is green here it is green all over = grass, plants and trees.
    The other colors are white in winter and then the blue sea....

    Only now for a month or so, when the snow has melted, and before the grass has grown up it is brownish = Beige.

  5. ranimukundan3:04 PM

    i want know more about idaikatusiddhar,is that place located near kumbakonam,or where is the place,please guide me

  6. Anonymous12:06 AM

    ranimukundan... Idaikatur is near manamadurai on NH49