Apr 9, 2009


For about 2 years I have been travelling to Thrissur and I realize that I have not posted anything worthwhile on this beautiful small town-the cultural capital of kerala...
The wider stream on the left is a treat to sore eyes...

Either side of my project site runs two beautiful streams..so typical of Kerala.

Nesting water birds...

the distant bridge...

boats waiting for eager tourists...

picture postcard...

a boat floating still..

an interesting sculpture on the hilltop...

a view of my project site from the nearby Vilangan hills... Seena, my architect friend took me to this vantage point for a panaromic view of Thrissur...07.04.2009


  1. Thrissur is one of my favourite places. Its small. neat. And very elegant.

    And ofcourse, you have to remove your shirt when you visit the temple !!


    Wonderful snaps ! Connected me back there !


  2. Very beautiful pictures ashok! i have touched the Thrissur border by visiting Athirapali waterfalls, but not interior.

  3. Nice pics!
    Reminded me of the days I spent there when I had visited with my family for my dad's friend's daughter's wedding :)


  4. அருமைடா...இடமும்...உன் படமும்

  5. Very nice and pleasant to look at!