Aug 19, 2010

Kadambavanam - the temple of Tamil traditions

with Ar. Ganapathy
Kadambavanam - a Tamil Culture resort is the brainchild of Architect Ganapathy and his wife Chitra. The place is about 25 kms from Madurai towards Natham and set in a scenic and tranquil hillside. Using local materials and local artisans - the place offers an interesting cultural experience.
This is a must visit place for anyone visiting Madurai. Infact the locals from Madurai also should drop in to realize the depth and character of our own heritage.

Kadambavanam is a wonderful beginning....a journey that should go a long way

Folk Art performance


Scenic Setting...

Veera Ayyanar


  1. This place looks very beautiful and calm, and sure it must be a great time living there amidst nature and culture bureau.

    Somehow it looks like a dream home! did u designed this resort ashok?

  2. No Jeevan...designed by Architect Ganapathy as I had mentioned in the post...