Jan 27, 2013

This Poet...

This Poet is a poor man 
A homeless carefree bird 
He tries as much as he can 
But he only has his word 
In silence weaves his vivid verse 
He rhymes and chimes with rain 
Whether they be long or terse 
He pens his joy and pain 
This poet is a fearless man
Save his creator, fears none 
Believes himself, rather than 
On providence to get things done 
They laugh at him and do call him 
An idealist lost in time 
Fancy’s child of endless whim 
Nature dances to his rhyme 
This poet is a vagabond 
His home is with the trees 
At natures bosom and far beyond 
He sits to pen at ease 
He stays awake on starry nights 
To gaze at the endless sky 
He drifts along the celestial lights 
Inspiration for the inward eye 
This poet speaks nothing but 
The truth and simple things 
He flies away from the daily rut 
On his colorful poetic wings 


  1. And those magical poetic wings take him to very wonderful places. You're such a good poet Ashok. Love how your mind works.

  2. Nice to know this poet. :)

  3. A self portrait in words - how wonderful!

  4. This man is a poet and that is his legacy!

  5. Bravo poeta,caro Ashok!!!

  6. This is a wonderful poem Ashok. It reached my heart.

  7. Awesome poem and perspective... particularly I liked the following lines "He drifts along the celestial lights
    Inspiration for the inward eye".

  8. One of my favorites...beautiful!!!

  9. A poet beyond limitations, fabulous one!

  10. How beautiful, I could feel my eyes filling with tears.

  11. Kalakiteenga Ashok!

  12. hi,

    Nice poem..and loved ur architecture blog as well