Dec 9, 2013

The Tree...

Art inspired from my travel along Mysore highway...

The lonely tree stands proud
above a carpet of flowers on fire
The leaves shiver as the noisy breeze
filters through them in a gusto waft

The gathering clouds on the grey sky
signal the impending monsoon rain
The birds struggle against the wind
to scamper back to their tree and nest

I stand and stare at this picture frame
as Natures' everyday story unfolds
A dark heaviness descends within
at the thought of the imminent times

Concrete and steel will devour the green
smoke and stink will steal the scene
A paradise that soon will be
prey to man's hunger and greed

I stand in shame before the tree
a helpless pawn in this heartless game
I feel a rain drop on my face
I feel a tear drop in my mind


  1. At first; I thought it was real. Too good a painting. But yeah; we ought to stand in shame in deed!

  2. The painting is beautiful. I like the sky and the colors. The poem is lovely too, but sad. Makes me wish with all my heart that you're wrong. But, I know this kind of beauty is endangered by us.

  3. lovely painting, the poem is so sad but so true for so many places these days

  4. Nice painting Ashok, your poem is so true. I seen beautiful places devoured for the sake of money.

  5. Anonymous10:45 AM

    What a gorgeous painting!

  6. Painting is stunning but the last line of your poem is too.
    I feel a tear drop in my mind. Powerful and I relate.

  7. So well as this powerful poem!!!

  8. beautiful artwork. and a very touching poem.

  9. Superb..Ps..! Paradise discovered again..!

  10. This is such an interesting post. Your poetry and artwork are both great!

  11. Nice. Your poem sounds so warming. It is so cold and yucky and your poem just brightened my day.

    1. Happy to brighten ur day Lilith

  12. Lovely post, Ashok,