Jan 22, 2014

Sobha City, Thrissur

Sobha Topaz Residential tower

Sobha Malachite...Lake side villas

Sobha City Mall...under final phase of construction

Club house

Lifestyle villas

Men at work

The Architect...

 Sobha city Lake...one of the largest man made lakes(6.5 acres) in a Township development

Sobha Topaz seen behind the villas

Villas by the Lake

Sobha Jade towers growing up...

home for birds and Humans...
Night across the Lake
Sobha's first Integrated Township... The Sobha City at Thrissur, is the dream project of Shri.P.N.C.Menon, the Chairman Emeritus of the Sobha Group....This was my first project with Sobha, that started in 2006 and is taking shape into a beautiful place to live in...The highlight of the township is the central man made Lake spread in 6.5 acres which is actually a rain water harvesting tank... sustaining the water demands of the township.


  1. Looks beautiful indeed..

  2. Wow, Ashok, were you the architect? Fantastic!

  3. lovely place.
    yes, were you the architect? :)

  4. How beautiful and how inviting! Yes, I agree - a wonderful place to live!

  5. Great place to stay.

  6. Loving these photos, especially the ones of men at work and the night time shot of the lake.

  7. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Lovely shots and skies.

  8. Amazing city! Feel like some foreign land
    Great photo Ashok

  9. Great pictures Ashok, you have a lot to be proud of. Great job.