Nov 11, 2019

The Red horse...


  1. Great abstract !

  2. I admire the images in your last three posts VERY MUCH!!

  3. Hi, Ashok, and thank you for visiting my blog. I love your horses as well - especially as you have abstracted them and done such a fascinating job. I admire that greatly. I also had a chance to read up about your October visit to Keezhadi and the excavations going on there from 1500-600BC. What an interesting site. I am drawn to the photos of the well rings and terracotta drain pipes - such advanced engineering for an ancient society. I do hope the funding is found and the dig continues to uncover more past treasures.

    1. Thanks Susan for your kind words of appreciation on my abstracts. Hope to do more in the coming days if time permits :)
      Yes, Keezhadi dig is just the tip of the iceberg...eagerly waiting to see more discoveries in the future