Dec 20, 2020

nethu oruthara orutharu parthom...

 A catchy duet composed by Ilaiyaraaja for the movie Puthu Paatu in 1990.It brings back my school day memories... I first heard it in the bus when we were in our school trip to Kerala. The voices of Ilaiyaraaja and Chitra were mesmerizing and I loved the number and beat instantly! It was fresh and peppy for that time. But later when I saw the visuals of Ramarajan (hero of the movie) with his trademark fancy dresses, funny dance steps and lousy romantic moves in the movie , singing with his pink lipsticked lips, it was a huge disappointment. 

For the original song from movie click here.

Click on Nethu oruthara orutharu to listen to my attempt to sing this song.


  1. Let great memories of our childhood bring us some movies.
    Kerala is a place I'd like to travel.
    Best regards.

  2. Oh that’s too bad. Disillusioning.

  3. "lousy romantic moves" ....made me laugh. i like your version. you u are playing the drums. Lots of talent you have.

  4. Good singing .Now as you reminded me this song via this blog I shall do some youtube and hear the song again

  5. I listened to the original and to you and you are THE BEST!

  6. Great singing. I like this song