Jul 12, 2022


Recently I had the pleasure of meeting my childhood best friend Subramanian (in short Subbu) after 24 years!. Subbu now lives in Boston, USA ,with his wife and two sons. He was in Bangalore on an official visit and we managed to meet for Dinner at Phoenix Market city. It gave us a chance reminisce and catchup on old times...

Subbu and me - VII std
Subbu Joined my school in V std and straight away became my best buddy. We sat in the same bench for most of the time and ate lunch together. Subbu left our school after VIII std and kept in touch through occasional letter correspondence. 
The next time I met him was after a decade in the year 1998 when I accidentally bumped on him along with his parents at Usman road , T nagar, Chennai. He was busy purchasing for his journey to the US for his post graduation study. We lost touch after that and thanks to social media, I could track him back again in 2013! 

A pamphlet that subbu gave me during school days that keeps comforting me at times of tribulation...



  1. How wonderful to meet your old schoolfriend after so many years! Fabulous! Valerie

  2. So good you could meet up

  3. How wonderful! That had to be a most enjoyable time --and so many years. Cute little boys, handsome men with fascinating lives and stories to tell. I love it!

  4. Wow, that's great that you preserved these letters! I am sure it was a memorable meeting with him.

  5. How nice to renew contact with a good friend after so many years! :)