Dec 4, 2023

Lunch at Karnatic

   It was my wife's birthday and we decided to have our lunch out at the Paragon @ St.Marks road. But to our dismay there was a huge waiting crowd and it seemed impossible to get a seat. So we walked down Church street and made a random choice to try out "Karnatic" , a south Indian cuisine restaurant cum bar located on the 2nd floor of a building. The place was quite compact but the interior truly reflected the cuisine served and felt warm and welcoming. The place was relatively free to my surprise.

The waiting area

The traditional entry

Interesting wall art

 The restaurant worked on a combination of selected cuisines covering all the south Indian regions - Karnataka, Coastal Mangalorean , Andhra , Tamilnadu and Kerala. 

 We started with the local sweet "Obbattu" ( also called Puran Poli) and went for Ghee roasted Prawns as starters. The prawns were tender and well spiced. Next we ordered Neer Dosas that were costal mangalorean food. This was one of the best neer dosas I have had in Bangalore. They went well with the Chettinad chicken curry.

Chettinad Chicken curry

Soft Neer Dosas
Prawns Ghee roast

Guntur Biriyani
 Next I wanted to order my usual favorite Mutton Biriyani. When the waiter asked us if he can get us Guntur biriyani I made the mistake of saying 'Yes' without realizing that Guntur meant its Andhra cuisine! True to its name, it was the most spicy hot biriyani I had every tried. I had to request for extra curd and Lime juice to douse the fire. We later realized they had many other lighter varieties Biriyani's to choose from...That's for next time!

Curd rice "mosaranna"
 After the small fiasco with Biriyani, we needed to set our system right with a plate of  tasty Curd rice.

Elaneer Payasam
 Both their desserts are a must try here. One is the Elaneer Payasam rich in tender coconut flavor and delightfully creamy! The other is the coconut mousse served on a coconut shell... equally good!
Overall a very happy experience that left us wanting more...We surely plan to visit next time, maybe on a weekday and try their plantain leaf meals and many more! 

Coconut Mousse

Birthday girl waiting for her dessert!

Dessert time!


  1. Your wife is absolute gorgeous and happy birthday to her. The food looks so good. I could eat that meal for sure. Have a nice day today.

  2. Happy Birthday to your wife! Judging by your description, the food at the restaurant sounds yummi

  3. This is such an exotic looking restaurant

  4. It looks beautiful. Do you eat the big green leaves the food is resting on?

    1. No Sandi. That's a plantain (banana) leaf traditionally used to serve food to guests and on special occasions in south India.

  5. Looks a lovely place to eat and as long as the food was to your liking.
    Nice photos and Happy Birthday to your wife.

  6. Ahhh, would love to have been there. The food and restaurant look fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Happy Birthday to your wife! She's very lovely!
    Love the restaurant! And the food looks wonderful!

  8. Much Happiness to both of you. Looks like a wonderful time. Beautiful food too!

  9. Oh, your post reminds me of the delicious Chettinad cuisine! Unfortunately, it's been almost 10 years since we were able to enjoy ist. My husband and I like to eat Indian food, but my stomach doesn't tolerate very spicy food very well, so I prefer it if it's only "European-spicy". My husband likes it a little spicier. The restaurant is very nice and the food looks extremely tasty. Happy birthday to your wife!
    All the best from Austria, Traude

    1. Interesting to know that you like Chettinad cuisine. :)

  10. This looks like a cool restaurant and I bet you both had a lovely time.

  11. Das sieht wirklich sehr lecker und einladend aus. LG Romy

  12. Lovely restaurant and the food looks anazing

  13. First of all, happy birthday to your wife. And what a lovely lunch! Too mouthwatering.

  14. that looks like a wonderful find and a delicious way to celebrate your wife's birthday. Please extend my good wishes. The food looks absolutely terrific! It would fill me up for days!

  15. Belated happy birthday to your wife.
    Your food does look very tasty.

    All the best Jan

  16. Happy Birthday to your wife. I am glasd she still got to have a good time at the indian resturant.
    I just shared a new post:
    Have a nice day.

  17. Thanks to everyone for your wonderful wishes !