Jan 15, 2009

Ashokism Award 2008 - Subramaniapuram...

The Ashokism award for the best Tamil film of 2008 goes to Subramaniapuram.
For a person like me who grew up in Madurai, the film is a nostalgic walk thro’ the 80s. Kudos to director Sasi Kumar .The cast is amazing and the camera work and art direction deserve special mention. James Vasanthan’s songs add value to the movie.
The only thing I missed was Ilayaraja’s music. But the director cleverly overcomes this by the use of Ilayaraja’s 80’s numbers in the romantic scenes.
Well done SasiKumar.
The other 2 films that need a special mention are :
Ashokism awards 2005, 2006, 2007


  1. I loved it too. Have you watched "Poo"? Its another must watch! Its directed by another Sasi but please dont hold his earlier films against him. ;) This one is simply great.

  2. Thanks Boo for reminding me...updated my post.