Sep 26, 2011


photo: Jewish settlement, Cochin, 2007

Today is tomorrow’s yesterday
‘Fore you wink it’ll flow away
By the time you know The way
Your hair is either gone or grey.

The clock ticks as if to say-
Life is just a numbered play;
Remember it’s just a fleeting stay
When it shines - make the hay!

Man is nothing but miry clay
From where he came, he'll there decay;
Human life is just a genetic relay;
A rat race run to reach the ray.

All the wealth and power you may
have, but they will not delay
your knell; You can yell, beg or pray
When its time to pay- you’re Time’s prey.

Yesterday is just history they say
And tomorrow is a mystery at bay;
But think about this ‘fore you sway-
Today is tomorrow’s yesterday!


  1. lovely photo and interesting thoughts about time

  2. Excellent poem and well captured the bell and clock view!

  3. Nice poem and very good photograph.

  4. :) :)
    thought u were in AFG ... no ?

  5. Anonymous9:28 AM

    where do you get time to pen all this thoughtful lines.....?

    Milka Singh

  6. This is a beautiful poem! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Anonymous8:32 PM

    Very nice poem! it does ring a bell, strike a chord..
    Bet u don't have a single grey hair though.
    enjoy it while it lasts. tomorrow it may all be gone!

    Sandhya Sharad

  8. excellent poem! thoughtful one too

  9. Oh my! Glad that you left a link to this poem. This is an extraordinary piece and very much similar to the way I think. You are a poet with overflowing talent and great expressions. Your words hold so much meaning. Thumbs up!