Jun 6, 2022


"Being not only his class teacher, but a well-wisher and mentor during Ashok’s early school years, I was quite fortunate to detect Ashok’s unmatched skills in drawing/painting through my Talent Hunt scheme, which endeavored to unearth the hidden talents of the students. He was the ace up my sleeve to challenge other schools in the inter-school competitions. He never failed me at any time throughout our schooling period......
When I happened to browse through “Ashokism 75” comprising his digital expressions of art, I was
flabbergasted by his extraordinary talent and creativity with profound imagination, depicted with even
minute details....  Ashok has mastered both in his paintings and poetry. Both go side by side. “Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen”. 
Overall, I was amazed by his astonishing creations. The real painter “doesn’t paint the world he sees, rather he paints the world he feels”. That feeling is exhibited genuinely in his paintings.
Congratulations Ashok and wish you all the best in your life and career!"

Kalaimani T
Teacher, Tamil Poet, Writer, Photographer, Journalist and Art lover
Sydney , Australia, https://www.tkalaimani.com/

The above is an extract from the tribute of Mr.Kalaimani published in my book "ashokism75 - Digital expressions in Art" 

My first victory certificate 1988
If I have to name only one teacher from my school who had the most influence in my life, I have to say it was Kalaimani sir. Apart from being a good Biology teacher, Kalaimani sir took upon himself the role of mentoring students in extra curricular activities , especially in the fields of Art.  He was the one who identified my artistic skills when he conducted a Talent hunt competition when I was in the VIII std.  There was no stopping me from that point as I was able to participate and win many competitions in and outside my school. My inclination to take up a creative profession also came from the self confidence I was able to develop in my artistic expressions in my formative days...The encouragement and push from Kalaimani sir during school days is something I am always indebted to. 

Mr.Kalaimani  proudly shows off his student's work to his Aussi colleagues, 2022

Mr.Kalaimani's daughter holding 'Ashokism 75' ...a gift on her birthday from her dad!


Receiving 1st prize from Mr.Karunaidasan as Mr.Kalaimani reads out my name...1988


  1. A wonderful tribute!

  2. Congratulations friend, there are teachers who remember them all our lives, they helped us and made room in our hearts, it also happens to them with the students.
    Best regards.

    1. Yes Rumi, some teachers are special !

  3. A wonderful and well deserved tribute! Valerie

  4. What a lovely post and tribute.

  5. wow, amazing post - love the history of this and the recognition of you is so well deserved.

  6. Wonderful celebration of an inspirational student. I am proud to own both of your books.

    1. Thank you Annie. I am honored :)

  7. Congratulations and wonderful tribute. Love seeing this.

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    Congratulations. Regine

  9. Hey -- did this seventh day A School have many branches? I could swear I have seen one in Madurai near Arasarady?