Jun 13, 2022


The last 2 years, Covid fear and lockdowns had forced us to shift to OTT platforms for movies and we had almost forgotten the joy of watching movies on the big screen. So it was time to revive the big screen joy and we thought no better movie to do it than "Vikram" the Tamil block buster starring Kamal Haasan! The Inox cinemas at RMZ Gallerial mall was the nearest choice . My wife still had some apprehension as the news of a 4th covid wave outbreak was doing the rounds...but finally we took the risk and booked it for the Sunday. Vikram is a larger than life action thriller that was creating quite a buzz ever since its release last week...and we had to see it on the large screen!

Coming to the movie... 

The Film shares the name "Vikram" with the 1986 spy movie of Kamal Haasan. There was a bit of nostalgia for me there but apart from the title theme , there was hardly any referencing with the older version. For the records, I still love the old Vikram title track composed by Ilayaraja! 

After the decent success of Vikram in 1986, it was expected that Kamal and Sujatha(the writer) will make few more sequels in the lines of a 'James Bond' series...but that did not happen.... But after 36 years, we finally see the new Vikram!  

 Title track from vikram ,1986 , sung by Kamal Haasan 

Director Lokesh Kanagaraj has made the first true action genre film in Tamil as far as I know. If you are ready to ignore the logical flaws and cinematic liberties that go with Indian films, you will be able to enjoy a gripping action entertainer even though spun around a done and dusted story that just moves superficially. The style of film making is something to relish and will set the bar for future action Indian films. By linking events and characters to his previous movie "Kaithi", Lokesh has attempted to create a universe of his own... Anirudh Ravichander has rocked with his BGMs !

Fahad Fasil - I was already a big fan of Fahad's performances in Malayalam movies....having watched so many of them on OTT in the last 2 years. It was refreshing to watch Fahad on the big screen finally and he did not disappoint. The first half belongs to him! 

Vijay Sethupathy -  has done a quirky badass villain and has given his best to make the character interesting and colorful all by himself. But there is not enough support to his character arc from the director. A tad disappointed the way this character weakens and ends... Its confusing whether to believe he is a ruthless don (by the hype of his introduction and comparison to Pablo Escobar)  or a weak paan working under another bigger don.   

Kamal Haasan -  Happy to see him play a character his age. Its hard to believe he is 67. His intensity and style carry the movie to another level in the second half. He makes this film worth a watch on the big screen!

official trailer



  1. I look forward to the time when masks are no longer needed.

  2. Yes, films are so different on the big screen, glad you were able to see Vikram and enjoyed it! Valerie

  3. I haven't been to a big screen movie in so long, I can't remember when...

  4. My son offered to take me to a movie on my birthday but I am still fearful of being inside with crowds.

  5. Wonderful that you were able to get out and about. Most places are open here in Texas. Movies on the big screen are better.

  6. I enjoyed reading about this and nice that you got out to see it. I listened a little to the first video of Vikram...it's got a good beat. I use to love James Bond movies but haven't seen or rewatched any in a long time.

  7. I also love the classic Vikram theme tune and the sound of Vikram in two tones. I enjoyed Lokesh's previous films and heard about the Vikram buzz. My last movie in a theatre (drive-in) was Enthiran 2.0 nearly 4-years ago, but after COVID, the drive-in was never reopened. So I'll have to wait for OTT's release.

  8. it was a fun watch. I don't understand Tamil. the crows applause for the maid's action scene was incredible :)