Mar 1, 2023

Mr.Kalaimani's books

Receiving the first copies from Kalaimani sir

Mr.Kalaimani , my School teacher has authored two books in Tamil. One book is a collection of his Tamil poems (agara mudhala) and the other a collection of comical & satirical plays (Sulukkia sahabtham). I had the good fortune of doing the illustrations for both the books. For agara mudhala I had done mostly simple line abstracts to convey the poems visually. But for Sulukkia Sagabtham, I had to illustrate epic characters and events with a comical touch. It was an interesting experience!

Kalaimani sir had come down to Madurai from Sydney for the book launch and I could catchup with him after almost 25 years!

Took Kalaimani sir for lunch along with my friend & schoolmate Chellakumar


 Both books are available on Amazon

Few of my illustrations for the books...

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  1. Unless available on google books, I only read reviews lol

  2. Oh, wow! Good for him. Are these his first books?

  3. Awesome! So great to see you all together. It must have been a wonderful time for you all. All the best to his books and poetry.

  4. Glad you had a good visit with your friend!

  5. How fantastic to meet up after so long! Valerie

  6. It's always nice to meet up with important friends you met along life's journey.

  7. It is a great friendship. And your illustrations are quite good.

  8. Wow, your contribution to the books is incredible and appears to give his thoughts a visual effect! Congrats to you both

    1. Thanks Jeevan. Grab it on amazon, u will love it!

  9. That’s marvelous! I enjoyed the photos very much and your artwork is fabulous! Thank you for these and for the YouTube links. All very interesting.