Feb 1, 2024

Evening at Swingby cafe

A random search on the net for a new eatery near my home led me to Swingby, a fairly recently opened Cafe and restaurant. The reviews were good , so we thought of having a light dinner here.  The place was completely empty. The owner himself came to greet and welcome us. 
Being a roof top, the place was very airy and comfy. The ambience was warm and welcoming with spacious seating. Its a great place to chill with friends. 
The menu ranged from Indian, Chinese, Malaysian to Italian...
We ordered some fries as starters and then went with the suggestion of the owner and ordered Ghotala Bhatura. It was nothing but pooris accompanied with creamy & spicy chicken! It was lip smacking!
I ordered Guava chilli mocktail while my wife settled for a lemonade.
We ended with beetroot Halwa with Icecream as dessert. Overall a satisfactory experience.. we definitely want to swing by the cafe again for a full dinner next time!

Guava chilli mocktail


Ghotala Bhatura with Chicken

Beetroot halwa and icecream

Rooop of this building



  1. Now I am soooooooo hungry! Valerie

  2. The food looks great

  3. Lovely photos, good to see. Looks a nice place to eat.

  4. Looks like a fabulous place. Lovely meals too!

  5. First off, great photo of you and your wife... The place and the food look good and i was so surprised at how many different food types are there. Everything looks delicious.

  6. This looks like a good spot and the food looks tasty too! Love "seeing" you all!