Feb 24, 2006

Avishaaaaaaat !!!

  • “There’s a cow at short mid-on!”

  • My memory went back to school days when i saw this pic @ this blog. Times when I breathed, ate and slept cricket! My street was relatively quiet and turned into a cricket pitch with ease. There were matches between adjacent streets when tempers fly and passions errupt...
  • Street cricket has its own charm and its own rules . Its also known for its amusing vacabulary, that has been complied for the benifit of future generations by some great soul ...:
  • [source found in wikipedia : Street cricket....dont miss this]

The Vandiyur Theppakulam ... when dry, the biggest & most dangerous cricket field in Madurai...With too many teams playing all at once,U never know from where the ball might come and hit u.


  1. I got the same mail yesterday from a friend. Nice one which kindles some smile.

  2. Hey...rekindled memories of last man gaaji - one of the most pleasurable experiences in the world - esp if u have 4-5 overs to go...and ofcourse, if u get out the bitterness of it all!!!

    U left out
    - When a batsman protests against getting out and refuses to leave the ground and finally the disgusted bowling team gives up and records this cheap tactic into the imaginary wicket tally in the sky - "gandhi kanakku"...

    Good post

  3. hi ashok,
    the post brought back my memories. though being a girl,i used to play cricket in street(only when there is not enough players in my street,thats the fact actually). i can remember the words, gaaji, double gaaji, osi gaaji(thats what i do always), dokku ,mattai,bongu,one pitch catch.

  4. Wow that is one huge theppakulam.

  5. 'kaava' uttutaiey!

  6. Gaaji, Adetail, Bongu, One pitch catch, La Ball,Dokku, Trials, adada enna arputhamana varthainga, i went to my street cricket. what a big Cricket groung The Vandiyur Theppakulam. i thing there is a way from Vaigai dam to this tank to take water.

  7. :) Guys would be guys ...
    Well! For a change let me tell you that I have played cricket too ...
    The street cricket kind of. At age of 13-14 I used to play with my brother and his friends. I even have a century in my pocket :D
    That was fun, real fun I must admit.
    Now, I watch cricket ... I don't love but I like cricket!


  8. onnum soolaradhuku illainga MR.Ashok..

    Motaa veiyulaa ..
    marama illadha groundla
    matta mathiyaanam ..
    vettula poi sollitu ..
    ennama cricket vilayaduvoom....

    greenish memories...

  9. As a fellow street cricketer, brings back lots of memories. It was a little painful (but sensible from safety point) to see this practice slowly dying in our childhood residential area due to increasing traffic and probably TV.


  10. he he.. nethu dhan area kutties yallam yemathi oru osi gaaji adichittu vandhen! :D adangoyya indha one pitch catch irundha mattum gili aagidum.
    nice one!

  11. I got this mail last week and immediately went back in 'autograph' mode..

    btw, when i saw the picture first, I thot street cricket is being played in Kabul.

  12. *Rajesh...ya, very nostalgic ...

    *Ganja T....didt see u around for a long time?
    'gandhi kanakku' was another thoughtful term...but its not just limited to cricket...

    *Veda...good to know u r a street cricketer aswell!

    *WA...the foto actually does'nt convey the real size...u must see it to believe it.


    *Jeevan...not dam...there is an underground channel from Vaigai river to Teppakulam!

    *Arti...so u r centurian? 100 ball drops? :)


    *Slaks...yup..dont see too much street cricket now a days...but the crowds in the tepakulam have not dwindled!

    *Shree....wen i was a kid we nick-named a neighbor "osi gaji" for doing that all the time with us...

    *Chakra...for ur info, cricket is very popular in Afghanistan. Most afghans lived in Pak in war times and have brought back cricket. It wont be long before afghanistan has a national team. And i promise u they will be better than bangladesh!

  13. lol...thats cool..

  14. I got this mail too :)

  15. Ha ha ha!!!
    No ... I am 100 bats up :D


  16. Undai, Beamer, Chappathi shot, Pambu, Sodukku to add a few more.

  17. dey... first ball illa out aitu enna trials'nu solray. bongu adikathay da.. bagul elumbai odaichi bigul oothiduvaan... those were the days...can only think of them. thank you for visiting my site and the advice. keep dropping in u will see the change :)

  18. Anonymous7:47 PM

    very cool!!

    i too remember some of those terms.. gaaji, dokku, one pitch, bongu..

    though i dont play the game.. i used to watch it. I love it. sometimes they will give me a chance to play osi gaaji :))



  19. Anonymous9:09 PM

    hi geetha...welcome to ashokism...

  20. *ammani.... :) welcome