Feb 17, 2006


In an age when they should be carying school bags behind their back, these afghan kids are carrying sacks stuffed with rags picked from my street...Will they see a better future?


  1. Now'a days in chennai the piking kids have been controled and send to school. when the afghan government is going to take action for there future. Thanks for sharing there photo's.

  2. Anonymous11:11 PM

    Hi Ashok, somehow I found those pics very moving. Sad.

  3. Anonymous1:46 AM

    Ashokuuuuuuuu, mame, remember me > rajkumar from 99batch !!ok "RAT" ippo niyabhagam varutha?
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    i use to visit u r blog, frequently. interesting ,and is good to see pictures from madurai "Koovam patti "alavukku nalla illainalum , etho sumara irukku.Hey do u still have contact with that "kari buni " ibrahim B.Arch, from 2000 batch, he did his M.Arch from IIT yo etho oru kandravi, antha nai enakku veedu design panni kodukuren nu )1st year le ) promise pannan. SO i can say iam his first customer.ippo alu address i kanom !! appuram whats your project in Afgan ? tell me more about that when you have time. congrats for you baby girl.

  4. Ashok

    It is very sad to see children working or begging. Strangely, I feel more compassion towards such Indian children when I see such people abroad. We can only wish they have a better future in life.


  5. *jeevan,*r.Balaji,*slakha,*veda...I exactly share ur feelings..

    *Dae rat-kumar...
    eppdida irukka...wer the hell r u now? mail me...

  6. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Mame, iam in us for the past 4 years , started working Ford projects , then kalathin kodumai nala thodarnthu athule ye work pannura mathiri aiduchu , appuram ippadi appadi nu pala marathule ukkanthu , kadaisile enakku etha mathiri oru marathule kunthi kittu irukken (madras vasam veesutha?)
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  7. Just curious,
    The snaps you took show daily life and are very natural..and also not much shake even when u took while driving..

    When they show afghanistan on TV here in US it is always some deserted mud road and bombings.
    The city does look nice. Can you compare it to some Indian city..Is it like north India town..

  8. *Rat-good to hear that u r happy in wat ur r doing rite now...but ur koovampati damil is still stinking:)

    *priyums...the snaps i took are from the new city (Sher-e-nov)...old kabul and rural afghanistan are very much mud and tatters...the TVs show only this side of afghan.
    u r right.Living in kabul is like living in some predominantly muslim indian city...pics/posters of bollywood starts /bollywood music...afghans are also very friendly people and especially when they know u r indian.

  9. what camera do you use?

  10. Ashok, loved the pix but we have such kids in our own country. Why pity others?:-) Anyway, lets hope all the children have a bright future.

  11. Ashok, the photos are amazing. You have a great eye for photography !!

  12. Tp...Its sony DSC-P200
    read this


  13. Deepa..i dont understand ur logic..children are children where ever they are..I dont see them as Indian or afghani...