Nov 28, 2011

The Slap of Insanity

You might remember Jarnail singh who sent a shoe flying in the direction of Union Home minister P.Chidambaram some time back.
This time, another sardar grabs the headlines with a slap. Union Agriculture minister Sharad Pawar's cheeks were at the receiving end.

A slap or a shoe cannot change things overnight. It’s hardly the punishment fit for all the misdeeds of the political class in a democracy. I strongly disagree to such violent protests. But surprisingly, everyone I talk to seems immensely satisfied with what an insane sardar did to an all powerful politician. Someone remarked, Pawar’s face already looks like it was slapped a hundred times before, Harvinder should have gone for some other neta. Anna Hazare infamously remarked “was it only one slap?” . Some said Pawar sahab should have, as a true democrat, shown his other cheek. Some went on an uncontrollable bout of laughter after watching the clip.Some one went on to make a bizarre kolaveri version of the whole incident.The social media was having a gala time laughing it out.

But every politician cutting across party lines stood united in condemning this insane act as they easily could have been at the receiving end any other day. The Bollywood bandwagon instantly united as usual to tweet its condemnation to make sure they are in the good books of the Bombay strongman. The media was abuzz with the regular self styled upholders of democratic values fighting for space to decry the slap. As expected, Pawars’ NCP went on a rampage in Maharashtra by stone pelting and destroying public property in protest against this undemocratic act.

But beyond all these, I saw a dangerous reaction in the face of so many Indians- a smile! Happy to know that there are still sardars like Jarnail and Harvinder, who can do things that we can never dare to with our sanity intact.
We call ourselves sane...yet we are insane enough to remain silent and put up with the misdeeds of our politicians. They say Harvinder Singh is mentally insane…
But does it mean, sometimes you have to be insane to do the right thing? What do you say?


  1. This is not the right way of protest or approach to whatever done by them. This sure to mislead others who are suppose to oppose anybody. I'm quite against such foolish act.

  2. I think, if people feel they have no democratic voice they become more likely to do this kind of thing.

  3. There is a large sense of discontent against the entire political class !

    The sooner the chaps realise this, the better it is for all of us !

  4. I too wanna ask like Anna ji, was it only one slap? If yes then why one only, why did he stopped after one? These corrupt politicians deserve more, I wish he'd slapped him 100 and counted just 1. Middle finger salute to all those corrupt politicians.

    If these politicians can act insane whole decade, then why not we? But such insane acts only add few headlines, people read it, gossip it and forget it.

  5. Harvinder represents the rising frustration of common man of India.And i agree o what Crafty Green Poet commented.
    Ashok thanks for your visits and comments .Looking forward to more from your nice blog.

  6. no way v can support violence..

  7. Violence will not deliver anything tangible. But, in these times when people's frustrations are boundless, this provided a vent. Politicians are just too high and mighty and don't even realize the disconnect that they have with people.

  8. The clip showed the slap with the right sound too!

    So, you too saw the 'Kolaveri' clip? It is hilarious, but repetitive!

    Anna is going overboard!

    Will it change the nature of the politicians? Harvinder had so much anger in his face. Poor man. He cannot do anything alone. We should not vote them back. We are idiots and bring them back again and again.

  9. hurling a shoe, or a slap is not exactly violence in my eyes,it shows the anger of public and when common man feels helpless,nothing is moving the politicans, they are hell bent upon looting the country..what to do?

    sometimes drastic measures are needed....I have the same question as Anna..why only one

  10. Due to his so called insanity, my sympathies are with Harvinder.

  11. Ashok I think people are losing faith in democracy. That's why they applaud vigilantism. And then there are the ones who are so complacent in their isolation from the country's affairs that they have the gall to say 'we do not deserve democracy'.

    Not making much sense here I guess. :)