Nov 24, 2011

Valayapatti visit...

The temple on the way

Sometime back I visited my friend CT's native village in Valayapatti near Ponamaravati in the Chettinad region. The images are from CT's ancestral house.Chettinad houses are fine examples of vernacular Tamil architecture where the culture and climate of the region  have shaped
the building design. The Courtyard is one distinct feature here that Iam so fond of and I have always tried to reinterpret and use in most of my architectural works.

Temple entry...

the Temple Cart...
The intricate parapet of the house...

a window detail...

the famous Chettinad main door...

Teak wood pillars in the verandah

Urns for catching rain water - signs of sustainable living

The court yard...


  1. the carvings on the cart so beautiful and i love the pillars

  2. The very picture took my breath away. You're good with the camera .. super neat compositions there!

  3. Wonderful pics! The 'give aways' for the bride during the chettinad weddings is a sight! A mini-saravana stores:) was lucky to visit one such a few years back:)

  4. Excellent photography! I always have a wish to check Chettinad houses and there way of construction is unique... liked the decorations on woods and the courtyard.

  5. Beautiful structure. The carvings are unique. Thank you.

  6. Beautiful images. I love places with historical significance. Great shots!

  7. Anonymous10:42 PM

    What magnificent buildings!

  8. @Sujatha - ya, my favs too

    @Crystal- Thanks:)

    @Vidya- ya, mini saravana store IS the word for it!

    @Jeevan- You must visit one, u will love it.

    @Mary Das- Thanks!

    @Carmen, Juliet, Ladyfi- Thanks!

  9. That temple cart is it from kundrakudi temple?...looks familiar..As Karaikudi is 100Kms we visit it very often..
    I have made a post on Chettinadu palace..

  10. @Chitra- temple carts looks the same throught this region...

  11. Love the details.

  12. Anonymous3:20 PM

    You are very good in photography ashok! Great shot here. I love the decorative on woods.

  13. Hi Ashok
    Nice pics of the temple and chariot with intricate ornamentation. The Chettinad house is lovely complete with exquisite door, tapering wooden pillars & open courtyard. Superb post.