Nov 22, 2011

The 'Kolaveri'...


Why this Kolaveri di?’-A Tanglish soft kuthu song that’s spreading and infecting millions, thanks to the internet. This is the kind of groovy nonsensical song that one would expect next from the duo of Simbu and Yuvan after masterpieces like loosu pennae and ‘evandi onna pethan. But this has come from the stable of the first families of the South Indian Film industry. Super star Rajini’s son inlaw Danush has penned and sung this 'soup song' for his upcoming movie ‘3’; produced and directed by Rajini's daughter Aishwarya  and music by a lanky kid Anirudh, incidentally Rajini's nephew. Kamal Hassan’s daughter Shruti approvingly smiles throughout in the video. The reggaeish number is catchy enough to become the mobile ring tone of the youngsters and the car reverse tune of the not so youngsters. Other soup boys still may hum in their pa pa paan, pa pa pa paan....
aaa…Eyes-u full-aa tear-u, empty life-u, Girl-u come-u, life reverse gear-u...


  1. It has a wiki page already?!!! *faints*

  2. it HAS become quite a rage!
    reverse gear --- haahah yeah

  3. I agree with all above comments ;)

  4. haan yar..suddenly people are talking abt this and i was wondering y delhi bombay friends are using tamil words like indeed...lets enjoy

  5. I saw this first on front page of TOI this morning. Next I switched on NDTV at & Kolaveri Di is on air. Dhanush must be on the way to becoming a National Celebrity. And the song perhaps on the biggest hits of the season?

  6. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Shivatma says -

    yethukkum ithaiyum padichiko da..from our Dr.Srivatsan's table....


  7. I loveeeeeee this song despite my North Indian/Maharashtrian brethren :D

  8. Everyboth, east or west, north or south is talking about Kolaveri!

    Anirudh is Latha's brother's son, as far as I remember reading!

    Dhanush's voice is good for this song!

    Read somewhere: After panneer dosai, Kolaveri is bringing north and south together!