Feb 16, 2023

Krishna kumar's house at Madurai


This is one of the earliest projects of my career (1996-97). A multi tenant residence for my friend and college junior Krishna Kumar's (Kitcha) family. I designed this when I was in my final year of college and the influence of my training under Architect Ganapathy is very much obvious. It was a 'big' project for a student architect and thanks to the trust Kitcha and his family placed on me, I could do it with confidence.
Engineer Kannapiran was the contractor for whom I did many works later in my practice.

When I met Kitcha in London, 2013


  1. Wow!!
    Must be a great feeling to design and help build a house.
    The house seems neat, great and very well designed.

  2. Looks good, I like it.

  3. This is fabulouss! Valerie

  4. I love this. And as much as I love this, I have a friend who would love it even more. Just fabulous!

  5. Another wonderful creation, very nice indeed.

  6. I like seeing your earlier work - lots of talent even so young.