Feb 20, 2023

Lalitha Mahal at Madurai

'Lalitha Mahal' - the villa I designed in the year 2003-04 for CT and family.  The design is inspired from Chettinad Architecture to reflect the background of the client. I had to design against many constraints. There was a 800 sqft structure that had to be integrated into the plan. CT's family had a strong belief in vasthu sasthra which became the base for planning. But through the construction phase, CT and family transformed from clients to family friends and remain very close to me till today. It remains one of my most memorable projects from my early career.


Traditional main door

The central open to sky court is the central element around which the house evolved.

Traditional wooden pillars from Chettinad

Visitor lounge

Aachi at the courtyard

WA Award , 3rd cycle 2009

Lalitha mahal won the World Architecture Community award in 2009, a proud moment for me.

6 bed room - 6000 sqft villa plan 

With CT during our trip to Sri Lanka , 2004


  1. Brilliant photos. Have a nice day today.

  2. LOVE the doors, some much interesting detail, and the lounge is gorgeous. Looks so inviting and relaxing.

  3. Wow! This is amazing work.

  4. Lovely to see this, thank you.

    All the best Jan

  5. Great work.
    Kudos to you. You have great talent.
    Good wishes 🙏

  6. Beautiful, and an award for your work, well done and congratulations.

  7. Congratulations on the award! You deserved it...It's a lovely and open concept, and one that integrates with their belief system. Well done!
    And I'm glad you remained good friends!

  8. That is a beautiful house - really enjoyed reading and seeing the photos of it - and that last pic - the feel of the beauty behind where you two are standing. Amazing.

  9. Enjoyed the photos and congrats for the award. Well done!

  10. You got a special eye for composition. Great photography