Jan 1, 2006

First day of 2006 -Wet & White!

The first drops of snow...welcome 2006! 
trees outside my house painted white... 
wet street pictured from my terrace 
Central park ...kabul looks the best under snow! 
It is a magical 1 st day of 2006. Had nature been so precisely counting the days?? wow!! I woke up today to find something very different to what I had been used to seeing outside my window in the past 10 months - a white spectacle ! I rubbed my eyes twice to confirm - Snow!...Winter had started in full earnest now!


  1. Anonymous11:34 PM

    wish you a greater and happier new year this time...keep writin more like the articles you did on last three four days...love it...never had time to look deep into the puzzle u sent da...hope i do it soon...wish u again..enjoy.

  2. thanks shiva and wish u a great 2006 !