Jan 31, 2006

Random thoughts from my vacation...

I have always traveled in Indian Airlines between Chennai and Madurai. They serve you puli satham or keerai satham for lunch! Yuck! And they have hostesses who will remind you of your school teachers! When they greet me near the flight entrance, I will be almost tempted to say “gooodmorneeeeeeng mam” like in school days… Even though it’s barely an hour’s flight time I find it the most boring journey for such obvious reasons. The only thing that will keep me awake is the thought that Iam nearing home.
But it all changed for me this time. I took Jet airways for a change. I was skeptical when I entered the flight because of my previous experience in another private airline- Deccan where they sell food on the plane. Not even water is free. And to top it all I had my ears paining for 12 hours after I landed.
But my jet experience was really pleasant…. Excellent food and a couple of enthusiastic young hostesses who were always smiling… I can’t wait for my next trip to Madurai.

Indian Airlines is now changed to "Indian"......they say they are building a new image..Hmmm...u have to do something better than that guys! send home the teachers on retirement...

I rediscovered that Madurai is the cheapest place for ‘good food’ in the whole world. When we went to Bell Hotel for breakfast, my wife ordered “set Tiffin”.I was wondering what that was ? In a few minutes the waiter brings a platter with an idly, a big scoop of pongal, a cup of kesari, a dosai, an assortment of sambars and colorful chutneys and finally a cup of coffee….all for an unbelievable 25 rupees package! whew!
( I was content with a masala dosai as the first two items in the set Tiffin never agree with me!)

I clicked this pic as I drove past the 'Nel vaniha valaham' thats next to mattuthavani bus stand.It stood fully complete but deserted. The green tiles looked odd against the rest of the color scheme...now a days, every govt building has to have some green to please "amma" (who may not even know that such a building exists).... It has a solar paneled dome –hmmm...something interesting! But why this multi million dollar project is still standing unoccupied is a mystery we have to solve.

At SAP , Prof. Ravi used to talk hours about the influence of politics in buildings. Here is one sorry specimen for him-the High Court at Madurai. This building was started in the DMK regime and completed & opened in the present ADMK regime. The building was initially designed with elements resembling the ‘anna arivalayam’- to please 'Dr.kalaingar'. And, finally colored green to please 'amma'. sigh*...


  1. Ashok, I'm hungry. THANKS A LOT!

    Nice pics - Keep em coming.. :)

  2. grrrr.....idhu thane vendam soluradhu :)

    ivlo super sapda?

    and i truly agree with ur view on building things to appeal amma :)

  3. nice post, Ashok. Madurai ku 2/3 times poyiruken. LOL @ ur comment abt the hostess :-)

  4. TP...tanx...yes, lot more comming

    Vidya....nice to know that.My mom too is a proud alumni of LDC too. Glad that my posts r bringing back nice memories to lot of guys...


    J...tanx..wer r u from?

  5. Anonymous3:38 PM

    machan ur comment on AI is trueda but the fact is there is not much you can offer in terms of hospitality even in international flights but as you said those smiles and geeks..wow what a difference in experience..
    machan madurai is a nice place for various resons..except for that damn hot weather and those 'kattu payaga'..so i mean the only great thing is the food(LOL!!) but on a serious note..whenever i eat idly outside my home,i fondly remember the konar kadai..one more piece of info/discovery,i have found a idli harder that our Sathak missile..yeah this was in Malaysia.there i had to forgoe my favourite dish for 6 full months..


  6. tanx vijay for droping by...sorry for ur bad idli experience in malaysia..surprised to know there r worse idlis that sathakbombs...

  7. Anonymous12:45 PM

    good news about the 'nel vaniha valaham'...its atlast opened by amma...sitting in chennai!

    ref. dinamalar 7th feb 2006 -madurai issue

  8. During my short stay in Madurai I had my meals at a 'pure veg restaurant' opposite Hotel Sulorchna. Their sambar is one of the best.

  9. set tiffen - mini tiffen, u r absolutely right, india, tamilnadu is the cheapest place of vaiyukku rusiyana unavu..especially for guys like u where u eat only dru rottis in afgha? :)