Jan 5, 2006

Madurai Police at their best...

This was supposed to be "Road Safety week" in Madurai. This Photo from The Hindu today shows a footboard traveling police man, a real son of the soil.
"In this fast-paced world, who cares whether you practise what you preach"
( for those who cannot read the banner on the left bottom, heres the translation:
Madurai City Police -
Road safety week -dates from 2.1.2006 to 8.1.2006
Do Not Travel In Bus On The FootBoard )

Well, thats nothing new for 'Madura-Poleesu'...We can see police jeeps parked exactly in front of the "No Parking" sign and entering "NO entry" streets. But as they say, somethings can never change...


  1. LOL!! very funny indeed... namma allunga thirundhave matanga :(
    btw - very glad u stopped by my blog and commented! u've a superb blog urself!!

  2. :) very funny!
    nan madurai :) :( so enna sollradhu theriyala :)

    btw, thanks for dropping by and u do write well, really well!

  3. thanks smitha...

    ibh..glad to hear u r from madurai too...

  4. thanks for dropping by ashok,

    hey... preaching is different and following is different in indian democracy right ?