Dec 22, 2022

New Pattukottai Kamatchi mess @ Velachery

Non veg meals 

Yesterday I flew to Chennai on an official visit to our Phoenix Market city Mall at Velachery. Sabari Nath, the Mall's Centre director took me out for lunch to the "new Pattukotai" Kamatchi mess. It was at walking distance behind our mall on the Velachery bypass road. The cuisine was broadly Pattukottai + Chettinad style. There was a reasonable crowd even on a weekday which says something about the quality and taste of food here. The ambience was nothing special except for some interesting art depicting local Tamil culture and life. 
I ordered fish fry meals that was served on a banana leaf. Their karuvadu thokku (dry fish pickle) was simply lip smacking.. For starters we had crispy meat balls (kolas). The flavor was slightly different from the Madurai Kolas. Next we tried their Nalli (lamb bone) gravy that was highly recommended by the waiter. It lived up to the hype! The side dishes were served on environmentally friendly leaf bowls which is appreciable. The meal came with 5 gravies namely- fish, prawn, crab, country chicken and quail. I tried a spoon of each and found all of them equally good. We concluded with the super sweet Elaneer (tender coconut) payasam for dessert. It is a must try here.  
I will definitely come here for lunch on my next visit too... 

Fish fry

Meat balls

Lamb bone (nalli) gravy

Sabari enjoying his meal

Tender Coconut  (Elaneer) payasam 

Lively wall art

Funny vadivelu wall art

Cash counter

Warning: This restaurant is not for vegetarians ;)


  1. It seems you had great typical Indian meal! Meat balls and lamb bone seem delicious.

  2. I like the idea of the banana leaf.

  3. Food looks yummy. Love the wall art.

  4. The food looks delicious, I love meatballs. The wall art is very nice to see.

  5. Thank God I'm not a vegetarian, this all sounds wonderful! Valerie

  6. Omg food looks mouth watering.
    We see in old indian movies food presented on banana leaf. I find this way better than disposable stuff which does not look healthy at all

    1. Thanks Baili. Yes, Food on Banana leaf is common in Tamil nadu. Its part of our culture to serve guests in banana leaf even today...

  7. Tempting to see the leaf full! Looks certainly delicious