Apr 12, 2006

back on the table...

Chicken Biriyani has now become a regular menu on fridays. never knew making biriyani was so easy!

Pomphrets ( vaaval or vavvaal meen) ... has sort of become the sunday lunch menu...

now some baggies for the veggies...

ok..this we tried for the first time...Chepam kelangu (anybody knows the english word for it?) fry... turned out really crispy and tasty.

P.S: Well, I desisited from posting anything on food for sometime for 3 reasons.
1. My blog was increasingly looking like a food blog of late.
2. and that lead to people making grave mistakes of asking me for recipes.
3. and finally, some people started vanishing (maybe secret cooking classes) unable to torture themselves looking at my food pics!

Now before more friends 'notice' that Iam not posting anything on food for a while and start doubting whether Iam into starvation or Lent days fasting, let me post this and get it all clarified: The experiments are on full swing as usual...more will be on the table soon! :)


  1. didn't know making chicken biryani is so easynnu sollittu vituteengale, please find out from who ever made it and post the recipe. Before this sunday please, have invited everyone at work for dinner :D

    BTW what did you give up for lent, if anything?

  2. Cool ..rather hot mouth watering pics!! Cheppam kizhangu is colacasia (May be commonly called as some yam). How long did u fry it to get it crisp?

  3. Social causes apadingara themelai there is going to be an exhibition. Athuku unga oru photolai sila boys and girls expressions cute-ta irukkunu pakka pona ippadi ore saapatu photo ellam pottu...malnutrition..poverty..ellam maranthu U made me hungry..

  4. Anonymous12:33 AM

    *WA...thirunbavum recipe-aaa? idukuthan konja naala food post podama irundhen..
    btw, i gave up 'nothing' :) isnt that something ;D

    *priya...thats Life...expect the unexpected :)

  5. en post parthale you shd have known that I'd be jealous of anyone having good food, konja naal kazhichu maari irukum-nu vandha, ippovum you have the same stuff :((

  6. oh goodness .. again.. ungalluku vera velaiyee illayaa??

    good to be back..


  7. Ashok anna,Afghan style briyani recipe ketta kovichukuvengala?;) namma ooru briyani sapitu aluthuruchu,can u help me?:)

  8. uma : u want the recipe? Email me ;)

    n i have to remind myself not to visit u nearing lunch hour - grr now am hungry

  9. it is vavval.

    do you know there is a very hot hit song from the movie " Chittiram pessuthaadi" the concept of all the sea fish speicies bing the character of song .

    ghana oolaghanathan has become the famous play back singer after singing his valla meenukkum villanguu meenukkum kalyannammmm..

  10. Dude, if you plan to open any food chains / restaurants in Bangalore, do let me know. LOL!

  11. A gourmet who thinks of calories is like a tart who looks at her watch."
    James Beard.

    Keep those photos coming :)