Apr 3, 2006

Lets cut...

As I had promised before , the food experiments continued this week with great success. It was time to try out my favourite dish - the Cutlets !
These are veggie cutlets made from potatos and bread crumbs ...

The experiment further improved the next day..this time they were dipped in egg for that added flavor and crispiness...just yummy!

Now to my fav...Fish cutlets ! (Tuna fish)... just delicious!


  1. first one looks edible, second two dont

    and tts from my perspective ;)

  2. Ashok..nalla saptu odamba pathukkonga..

    kabul vantha I need more Vegetarian items on the menu..

    btw that post on Who R U. was good..

  3. Ashok, the tuna ones look. Do post the recipe sometime.