Apr 6, 2006


I clicked this picture today as my car was slowly making a turn in a street curve...The little boys wave a salute as they see a camera aimed at them. But the girl instinctively covers her face and turns away laughing. Such a wonderful sight to see these afghan kids laughing and returning from school.


  1. Anonymous1:01 AM

    "Such a wonderful sight to see these kids laughing and returning from school"
    I agree fully,hoping for a better future for children all over the world!

  2. bravo!very nice happy picture

  3. pathu ashok.. eve teasing case la olla thallidaporanga..

  4. life will always find a way...hope the future of afghanistan will b better/...

  5. isnt this an indication of all that is wrong there ?
    the girl hides instinctively .....

    went thru 3 of ur previous posts ... really, bull fights are totally inhuman as are cock fights ... wonder why the animal fed doesnt do nething abt it here too ...

  6. Beautiful smiles. Indiala edutha photonnu soneenganna kooda it looks believable.

  7. *granny...yes, a better future to all

    *Maya..wats up doc? didnt see u around for a long time


    *Tilo...i knew u will

    *veda...things r changing fast

    *vishy... :) ;)

    *GP...exactly, Life finds a way!

    *Deepa...no it isnt. I see things positively. Somethings cant change overnight.FYI,I see more girls going to school than boys...

    *WA...wonderful smiles, isnt it?

  8. As usual, you have captured a very good moment. Cheers


  9. Ashok, a great snap. The snaps speak for itself - The Afghan State of Affairs. It's nice to note such outcomes out of the bloody war! There is a reason to smile at the end of it all.

    Deepa, thanks for stopping by and giving comments. But did not really understand what you meant by saying “(who am I kidding?)”.

  10. Yes. Thanks to President Bush

  11. i love ur shots of children so beautiful

  12. So Cute....Kids are really sweet !!!
    Proves girls are still conservative!