Apr 7, 2006

Mud & Brown...1

clicked around old streets of Kabul...


  1. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Very interestin to see "everyday haouses" from this part of the world. It is not that long ago it looked the same in Sweden.
    I notice the have brickhouses and wooden doors,
    In Sweden the buildingtradition differ from north where they have large forests and, of course build wooden houses, to the very south where big trees are more scarce. Here they high and mighty began to build with bricks in the 12th century.

  2. These houses look like village houses. NIce Photos.

  3. I was thinking the same. These photographs could be of a place in India, amazing

  4. How about security threats?

  5. The third one is all in brown..I love the large jars..Do they cook in those? I am reminder of alibaba and 40 thieves...

    mud tones..all brown .looks like a sepia mode.. I am saving it so that I can paint it one day..

  6. Ashok, I know it sounds like flattery. But quit this job and join National Geography.:-)

  7. aaha, angayum dilapidated sections ellam iruka?

  8. Hmm Nice pics.. somehow photography always increases the bueaty of these places.. just like the way Mani shows the dirty Tambaram railway station so nicely in Alaipayuthe..

    USha ..enna neenga UK poita matha ulagatha marandhudivingala.. how else would Kabul look like.. esp after the war.. sutham da.

  9. *granny...thanks for the fotos of falu red painted swedish houses.

    *Jeevan *WA...tanx

    *I or ss ...no, i dont hurt nobody:) (btw, why do u change ur name every 10 days?)

    *priyums...paint it? that wud be great...cant wait to see that...

    *deepa...really? u know someone there ;-)

    *madsies, *sangeetha...tanx

    *usha...iam confused by ur question.

    *vishy... :)

  10. Ashok

    Nice photos. Were you the architect :)

    Just kidding


  11. nic pics... osama photo ethuvum illaiyaa? jus kidding..
    ambi, first time here..

  12. It looks like all these house are affected by the war.Did u happen to meet any Tamils in Afghan by any chance?

  13. Anonymous1:23 AM

    Hi Ashok! How are you! Congratulations on your wedding and the next phase of your life! Very interesting blog, shiva told me about it! Take Care, Buddy!
    Gabriel (from S.A.P)

  14. *SLN...good guess:) btw, I love mud architecture


    *Gopalan...just 2 or 3

    *hey Gabby,thanks.
    great to see ur comment.Hows it going? Wer r u now? mail me wen u r free...

  15. love the first 3 shots so rustic

  16. Loved all the pics and also you are staying away from food for a while, I noticed.