Mar 27, 2006

The Boss of Bass

The Drum was my natural musical instrument and I had also spent most of my college days playing the Key board as well. But the instrument I really love playing most is the Bass guitar- espically if its an Ilaiyaraaja song...The Bass pattern in Raaja's songs have a life of their own and can transform you to a different plane if you put your ears to it...

I was reading Vicky's analysis -The Boss of Bass and was happy to know that there are really people out there who understand the beauty of Raaja's bass.

"The point is, many tamil music listeners doesn't even know something called bass guitar exist. Still why is he composing such superb bass tracks song after song. It's the same way that God has created so many beautiful landscapes, animals, plants and flowers in this universe which most of us are unaware of. Why did He create so many things that go unnoticed?
The answer : That's the joy of creation..."

My salutes to the great Bass masters who played for Ilaiyaraaja, namely the legendary Viji Manuel, Vasanth and Shashi (who still plays).

Click here to read Vicky's blog...


  1. Interesting... I seem to notice only the violin when I hear IR's music. No one can use that instrument as divinely as he "did".

  2. off the topic - what's blogs I read and then Blogmates............

  3. thanks awfully for the pic! Was searching for a good pic of IR on google images, wasnt satisfied.

    BTW check out this link - a few GB of info on the evergreen maestro

  4. Kannupada pogudhaiyya chinna goundarey.
    Unakku suthi poda venum aiyya chinna gounder.

    Obviously it was for Raja.

  5. Can any musician in the world do what IR did in his HOW TO NAME IT album?
    He's a true genius.

  6. enaku ir voice romba pudikum.. endha musicum illamma avar voice mattum varum poodhu I feel some thing in my self.. for example sethu padathula kadaisla "varthai thavari viitainu" avar voice.. nothing to beat it..

  7. happa!!! neraya vishayam aaraychi panni irukkeenga and irukkanga. i couldnt understand much of vicky's blog; however i like all the songs that he has listed. and yes, as a matter of fact, have wondered some uniqueness existing in these songs. hats off to ir!!

  8. *deepa - exactly, everybody notices everything except the much has been written about his violin pieces as time try to catch his bass...

    *tilo...isnt that obvious?

    *madsies...yup, tanx

    *TT'Man..tanx for the link

    *Rajesh...i know, i know...:)

    *Gopalan...i agree

    *neighbor...Me too

    *shree...ya, Hats off!

  9. Ashok,

    Bass, boss-nu ennavo solreenga. Onnumey puriyalai.Borrowing from a famous Limca ad, I will say, I listen to raja ('s music) bcos I like it.


  10. no one can beat Ilayaraja's music. even after years we can still enjoy his songs.

  11. I like to hear Drums sound.:)

  12. hold on, motham ungaluku evalo kalai theriyum sollunga..all the 64 or 62/63? And oru naal blog pakkam varala-na looks like I'd miss too many posts! Nethudhan naan varala, adhukulla ivalo pottuteenga?

    Ok, on your comment on my post..naan blog-la photos poda koodadhu-nellam kidayadhu:
    My two posts on New Zealand would disprove that.

  13. *sln- thats a honest reason to listen to the boss

    *agreatIndian- true

    *jeevan- u shud hear me play then..kaathu andhurum!

    *usha- ethuvum mulusa theriyathu:) elaame arakorai than...(i used to play just 3 or 4 insturments once) touch after college...ippo inga vandhu suthama marandu poochu:(

  14. Anonymous10:45 PM

    "God has created so many beautiful landscapes, animals, plants and flowers in this universe which most of us are unaware of.":

    A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:
    Its loveliness increases; it will never
    Pass into nothingness; but still will keep
    A bower quiet for us, and a sleep
    Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing....
    John Keats: Endymion 1818

    knowing nothing of Raja and BASS

  15. well Bass guitar keliv pattu irukken but still I do not know much. But off late IR has been making a lot of Jazz music. Have u noticed that. U should simply listen to the theme music of Mumbai express and a few more songs in it. He has also used it some of his latest films. I dont think ne other Music director has used that much of jazz.

  16. So True.

    Along with Bass, have you noticed the complexity with the strings? There are a few songs, which have 3 different notes of strings, going in sync at the same time. Not to forget the crazy note changes. Freakin awesome.

  17. jii, Megam kottatum bass is excellent!! try it once in sobha function!!

  18. Anonymous11:43 PM

    IR had 5 guitarists at that time in 80's...Namely..

    Mr. Sadanandh - Lead Guitarists --- Responsible for all sweet strat lead you hear in his songs..still with IR

    Mr. Chandrasekhar - Lead Acoustic --- The man who played the famous "Ilayanila" acoustic leads...

    Mr. Radha Vijiyan - Lead / Rhythm / Finger Picking (Classical/Electric Gultar) --- The famous man who played "Paruvame", "Oh! Butterfly" and so on...(My guru also... ) He is the last son of the famous Tamil Actor of old days Shri. M K Radha...

    Late. Mr.Saibaba - Rhythm Guitarist...and backup vocalist

    Mr. Ghangai Amaran - Rhythm Guitarist...The man who played the famous rhythm in "Hey..Paadal Ondru" from Priya and many more...

    Mr. Sashi - The most infamous bassist of Ilayaraja who played some killer riffs in 80's -- (Kodiyile.... Pothivacha....Enakku thaa (Panakkaran)...Ilamanathu..(Selvi)) and many more....

    Mr. David Jeyakumar - Harris Jeyaraj's Father...worked for some projects with IR

  19. Hi Ashok, happy to join with you as we are all fans of raja sir's bass.want to share one thing. recently came across a youtube song n kannada film bharjari bete .the song is " yarigai ataa..".please watch to see the bass guitar speaking at end of first interlude.the song was sung by janakiamma. This song has tamil version too. the song " nalla neram neram" in film andha oru nimidam. but kannda vrsion has more bass usage than tamil.i wsh you to enjoy and comment.I m a architectural draftsman , even more happy to see an architect fan of raja sir

  20. Thanks Kasi...That song was awesome.