Mar 21, 2006

Nav roz!

Today is the afghan new year (nav roz)..Marks the birth of Spring...Interestingly, I saw the first wild flowers yesterday in our lawn...

saal-e-nav mubarak!


  1. is that a dish too.. or is it really a flower? i dunno i dont trust u anymore ashock!

    Happy slappy Nav Roz to you!

    u too WA. :)

  2. Anonymous2:46 AM

    Tomorrow I publish the first springflowers in our lawn!
    We have to wait another 2 months before we see any dandelions though.
    Dandelion = in latin Taraxacum vulgare, named by the Swedish scientist Carl v Linne´,300 years 2007!
    learn more on You can click for English version!

  3. *WA..tanx..and didnt i tell ya how out of focus Tp is rite now...

    *Tp..tanx...keep ur cool!

    *granny...oh!thanx for the info!


  4. i'll give u a whole 2 dollars not to post any more food pics..

  5. *Tp...if u say 2000$ i will think about it...
    btw, we are going to try Biriyani (namma oru style) today !hehe!