Mar 24, 2006

Friday food fever !

Friday is offday for us.Encouraged by the past months food experiments, Sunder tried his skills at the Biriyani (namba oru style)...It turned out amazingly delicious...We combined it with chicken fry and onion raitha...

( Idiyappam) Lemon Sevai makes a great dinner combination with omlette...
More experiments to follow soon....


  1. TP enge? Gone are the days when people remembered me when they saw food pictures, its TP's turn now :))

  2. Anonymous12:26 PM

    i think TP has gone to search for more mexican food pics...

  3. Ashok u can start a blog for Food:)

  4. lol mexican pics aa.. Podango.

    show urself anon.

    Ashock knows how i feel..

  5. TP, I think the anon IS ashok himself

  6. wicked WA...i dont need to comment anonymously to Tp..
    haha anyway, i have more pics for Tp comming soon...

  7. Anonymous6:39 PM

    I have looked up Biryani in my Mrs Singh´s INDIAN Cookery Book.
    Yes, there were two recipies: one Persian style and one Rice pullao for the Mughal Emperors.
    They (e.g. the recipies) looked very timeconsuming!
    I,ll start with something easier!
    I find that I first have to buy some Basmati rice!
    Meanwhile I found a lentilsoup "Indian style" in my Swedish cookbook - delicious!

  8. Anonymous10:59 PM

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