Mar 30, 2006

The DMK manifesto

Dr.M.Karunanidhi has come out with his election manifesto. True to his reputation of the being called the “old fox” of Indian politics, he has come up with some amazing promises…Here are the most important items from his Santa Claus bag…
1.Re-establishing the MGR Film City (natukku romba avasiam)
2.Reinstallation of the Kannagi statue at the same place (nattukku romba romba avasiam- kannagia paakama yaar aludha?)
3.Free gas stove for all poor women (ladies sentimenta touch panraram…nadakattum)
4.Free electricity to weavers in addition to farmers (first stop the power cuts dude before u start giving it free)
5.Coop loans to farmers to be waived ( coop banks nasama poochu)
6.Reservation for Muslim and Christians (irukura reservations pathada?)
7.Assignment of two acres land to all poor families (adhu sari..wat to do with this barren useless land that will be allotted atleast 155 kms away from human habitation?)
 8.A monthly financial assistance of Rs. 300 to unemployed youth (hey…now u can earn from ur home...thalaivar padam blackla paaka ine prechanayae illa)
 9.A maternity assistance of Rs. 1,000 a month for six months (adakodumaiyaa…now the poor have the perfect reason to have another child)
10.Ration rice at Rs. 2 per kg (arambichitaruba…ethani kalam dhan aemathuvar indha natilae?)

Now heres a gem…

 11.Free color TV for women of every family” for women's recreation and general knowledge"  
(I’ll stop before I say something nasty…I leave this for u to comment…)


  1. Naama ellam yosikara madhiri TN-la makkal yosikanume...illana indha madhiri preposterous stuff-ellam tolerate panna vendi irukum next 5 years-ku..btw, NZ post partheengala, did you like the snaps?

  2. TV oda appadiye oru VCD player um kodutha..namma oru pasangalum konjam sandhosa paduvanga.. pasangalukkaga atleast ithavathu pannalam..

    Ponnungalukkaga ivalo seiyyaru.. intha ala modhalla eve teasing case la ulla thallunga..

  3. I heard abt the 'color TV' thing.... heights !!!

    Lets hope we are knowledgeable enough to not let this demagoguery distract us !

  4. Mudurakaran aa irundhu kittu "kannagiya pakama yaar azhudha (aludha)?" nnu ezhudha laamaa sir.

  5. Anonymous11:36 PM

    Tragedy that man still believes and hopes that freebies alone are enough to get him back into power. Remember the 1967 election promise of the DMK that propelled it to power -- rupaikku moonu padi arisi, illenna muchchandhiyile niruthi sattayal adiyungal (three measures of rice for a rupee, otherwise whip us in public).
    As to the free TV promise, did you see JJ's reaction : yet another instance of propagating family interest. Only because his family has an interest in TV. Otherwise, why did he not promise free rice?

  6. Enjoy the humour. Poll promises had become a non-event / issue for quite some time. He has made everyone sit up and take notice.


  7. tamil naadu engayooo poiudumm..

    We need some different parties other that JJ & MK for ruling atleast for a year.. Why dont these guys retire from Politics..

  8. And idhuk ellam yaru pay panuvanga ?
    Obviously not the politicians...!
    The tax-payers in Chennai would be hopping mad !!

  9. idhulam padichuttu eppo da Kamarajar madiri oru alu thirumbi vara poranga nu iruku :)

    neenga last point potturukengal..
    enna problem ahdule :)))

  10. Instead of giving free colour TV, he could have said, If my family(DMK) comes to power then my family(DMK) will give free cable connection to all people through Sumangali Cable Vision(SCV).Which is quite possible than the current promises.It'll work really well considering our people love for TV serials.

    He has promised to give 1000*6 for pregnant woman.This is shocking coz each year TN population increases by 10 to 15 lakhs.So he has to allocate minimum 6000000000+ Rs/year just for pregnant woman.

    enekennamo oru doubt,SUN TV comedy time ku eluthina dialogue papers ah yaro puniyavan mathi vechutangalo?

  11. Nobody can insult you unless you cooperate. Muttala irukara makkala
    thirundara varaikum Muttalkalukku vazhvu than.

    I saw a documentary called World In a balance. It describes how much should the population growth rate in India be so that we are able to sustain. In 2012 population of India will be so much that even with green revolution we cannot feed ourselves let alone export. Why cannot we have a well educated person ruling our country. How about setting an age limit or a term limit?

    If we really want to serve our country..We cannot write government exams after 30 - IAS, IPS, IFS..That has an age limit - 30. But you can keep cheating people life long giving false promises..false hopes..stupid dreams..

    God fearing people would atleast have to care that someone is watching I wonder what he is thinking.."Lets say there is no I can remove any guilt I have.

    Let all my folks think that they
    live in paradise although I dont care that they live in gutters. Let me gift them a TV set."

    Now I will have to rethink if there is really a God watching!

  12. *Usha...saw ur NZ! now waiting to see UK fotos:)

    *madsies..I'd love to say that too


    *vidya...neenga endha thohudhila voting?

    *jayan...lets hope

    *rajesh...that lady burnt my city.I hate her :)


  13. *sln...yup, enjoying the humor (wat else can i do from here)

    *neighbor...retire? r u kidding? old devils retire and new devils take over..its a never ending cycle!

    *shilpa...why just chennai? wat abt tax payers from the rest of TN?

    *IBH...haha..i already said dont make me say something nasty abt the last point.

    *gopalan..enekkam adhey doubt :) but lets see who has the last laugh!

    *priyms...Muttala irukara makkala
    thirundara varaikum 'Muttal aakuravanukku' vazhvu than.

    *veda...paakathana poorom. hmmmm

  14. how is he going to get money to give all this?
    petrol diesel vilaai uarvu
    open up sarakku kadai...
    ellorum kodukkum arisi sappittu tv serial parka vendiathu thaan

  15. Kalaingar idea eppadi workout aguthunu parpom, makal ketta. Enga vettula serial mudincha aparam thaan sapada poduranga, ithula elorukum elvasa TV’na sollava venum.