Mar 12, 2006

the moment...

Every photograph stands for a word, a feeling , a poem…Where Life is about continuation, photography is about the moment, the eternal moment!
Art trespasses all borders and eradicates all frontiers of race, culture and language.
With art an eternal expression is born that protects our sanity and serenity.
It brings peace when nothing else could and when everything seems to fall apart. Art breaks down the conventional and leaves behind the imprints of possibilities.
With Art we save ourselves;
With Art we pose the most vital questions.


  1. arumaiyaana chithirangal. Aazhntha porul. En sandhegathai theethu veittadhu :D

  2. nice photos, the boys are happily giving pose for photos.

  3. awesome pics......they all look so cute..

  4. The fourth pic can be simply headed "Life"

  5. sweet. The first photo with the state of the bldg behind the little girl is a little bit worrying though. Hope she wasn't too close to it.

    oye praveenu onakku enna doubt vandhudhu? indha post padichu theerthukraa maadhiri doubts ellam unakku varudhaa enna? :)

  6. yeenga.. tragedic photosa neriyaa post pannareenga...

  7. *praveen,*mystery,*WA..tanx

    *chen...if u say so

    *neighbor...i post wat i see everyday.

    *veda,*jeevan...thats the most amazing thing about the afghans...amidst all the pains they underwent for the past 20 years, they have somehow managed to preserve their smile and sprit.

  8. Rightly said, and apt for your pics..

  9. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Great pics, Ashok. Sadness, melancholy and mirth.
    There is a spontaneity in the pics that only kids can express, and you have captured that so well.

  10. You have caught them in action..All natural..Natural moves expressions smile, laughter..

    I remember my close friend repeating the sentence.."living from moment to moment.."If only we all live each and every moment like kids...and if only!!!

  11. The ciche goes a picture is worth a thousand words and here you go.... awesome!

  12. Anonymous1:11 PM

    machan yenda eppadi ore azhugaachi padama kaatre...are there better photos on the reconstruction..we are all corporately gagged to do anything about these deplorable conditions even in why do you kindle the useless side of ours..


  13. Excellent photo the first.Nice composition. Love the rest. Keep it coming dude.