Jun 8, 2006

Jayam Konda Soleeswarar Temple at Nemam...

Today I was travelling alone to Kelasevalpatti from Karaikudi to attend a friend’s wedding. On the way , some 5 kms from Kundrakudi I saw this beautiful temple complex in a small village called Nemam. There were no human beings in sight to enquire about the place and I just took a few distant snaps from the deserted road…


  1. and the full temple tank too. What a find Ashok - one of the simple joys of being back home.

  2. Ashok- very serene and beautiful. Is it any of these
    Just wanted to finf out. I remember one of my neighbours (long time back) used to say that they travel to naemum..according to them this place was close to tiruvannamalai..Just wanted to find out what temple this was and checked templenet. You need to know the name of the temple to find out apparently..

  3. Just found out. It is the "Nemam - 12 km Sri Jayam Konda Soleeswarar Temple" at Nemum


  4. Excellent Pics Ashok.Well Done.

  5. oh wow love the second photo -its soooo beautiful

    never been there

  6. Anonymous11:59 AM

    the second foto rocks...
    damn good complex u found.. :):D
    lucky you,
    -- kingkong

  7. hmm, studied in Karaikudi for 4 yrs n never knew this place!! looks like I missed a beautiful place!!

  8. Anonymous1:40 AM

    I can drag out the photos and plan to publish them in my blog
    Vikeningarna funderar
    one of these days!
    It isn´t so curious that I didn´t know the existens of these buildings when locals don´t seem to have it

  9. Hi Ashok,

    As usual a nice set of photos especially of another not so well known temple complex. Thanks for the info.

    An OT, there was an interesting article in Guardian, Uk, today about the rebuilding in Kabul


    Thought you might be interested.


  10. The temples look more beautiful (than they actually are) in your pictures. Great job!

  11. Beautiful pics !

    Its sad that no one seems to take care of it.

  12. Shilpa, I don't think Ashok says that no one takes care of the temple anywhere in his post. Just because no one was around at that particular time doesn't mean that its uncared for temple.

  13. truly spectacular! this is something i really admire about south indian architecture, the way the temples are built, very unique as far as the structure goes and very beautiful and colouful.

  14. Very nice shots, if they clean the tank and paint the temple it will look very beautiful.

  15. Anonymous6:23 AM

    Lovely pictures. Very well composed.

  16. wow, really beautiful. anga karaikudi pakkathula dhan marudhu pandi olinjikitta koil irukku. poi parunga, nalla irukku. pillayar patti is my favourite :)

  17. Cool pics...gives me a feel of my place :-))

  18. Anonymous10:55 AM

    hey good pictures! just so you know, nemam is one of the nine temples for the chettiar(nagarathar) community - anyone who's born a chettiar will belong to one of these nine ancestral kovils (and there are no marriage alliances between families that belong to the same kovil,but that's a different story!) The temple at Nemam is renowned for its architectural splendour - you need to take a patient tour inside to appreciate its grandeur :) some legends suggest that it was built by the Chola kings...nyways, i was born into this temple clan,and hence thought I'll share some trivia! Keep up the good work :):)