Jun 18, 2006

Some thoughts...

1. I cant understand how Hemanada Bagavadhar (Balaiyah)
who sings “Oru naal poodhuma” as supremely as that is frightened and runs away hearing a wood cutter (Sivaji Ganesan) sing “paatum naanae”?
Would it have been more believable if TMS had sung "oru naal"and Balamurali Krishna had sung "paatum naanae" ?
2. Nagesh must be the greatest Indian actor of all times.

Thoughts that passed my mind as I saw “Thiruvilayadal” on TV today…


  1. I have heard a lot about TMS's huge ego and utter disrespect for new comers. So its not a surprise that he sang for Shivaji. But why Balamurali chose to sing for Balaiyah I wonder? Both the songs are my favorites. I ve also heard rumours about how TMS challenged MGR that he would nt be as popular as he was without his voice ands thats why SPB and Yesudoss came in to the picture.
    Absolutely no argument with ur second point. Hes truly remarkable!

  2. Anonymous10:21 PM

    are u seriously wondering about #1 or is it more of a comparison between BMK and TMS ?
    Hemanatha Bhagavathar develops a cold feet because if even a wood cutter can sing so well that nature obeys him how well would the official singer of the King's court will sing....
    Yeah Nagesh was one the best actors and a clean comedian.

  3. Anonymous10:43 PM

    *Boo..the ego of TMS is a story by itself...hmmm

    *Pisaas...ya, its a comparision 'tween BMK & TMS really

  4. Anonymous10:51 PM

    well, paatum naane is my favourite than oru naal pothuma.

  5. Anonymous10:56 PM

    *raajk...iam not comparing the songs here..its the singers

  6. Oru sivajiye overact sila samaiyam panni 10 sivajis mari irukkum. In this song they show 10 sivajis..So its kinda funny. I like the words "Naan asainthal asaiyum agilam ellame. Arvai manida un aanavam peritha" I used to sing this to my brother whenever we have a fight and run away. But the
    my favourite of the two songs is Oru naal pothuma. I agree with Pizzas about why the bhagawathar had cold feet. It would be too much classical and pro for a wood cutter to sing if it had been the other way.

  7. I love both the songs..
    Nagesh is truly the best..Thiruvilayaadal is my all-time favourite mainly coz of dharmi scenes

  8. The song has already been explained - but i understand where ur coming at - probably popularity played a part in deciding who got which song - but paatum nahne was a classic

    Thats a classic movie - n yes nagesh will always be the best

  9. i guess music transcends music itself.

  10. hehe my mum loves Shivaji and also Nagesh...I watch old Tamil movies with her. They r so meaningful than the movies we have right now. And hell yeah, I love some very old Tamil songs..have u heard of the song 'Engae Nimmathi'...?


  11. Yeah both the songs are very good.
    but how abt "Isaithamiz nee seitha arum saathanai".It is also my fav song..
    Nagesh is a very good actor.Only balachander and kamal hasan utilized him properly.

  12. Nice post and pics. Just stopped to say hello.

  13. Dr.TMS family is my relative in madurai. i luv his versality in singing. Apparently, my dad used to tell that Dr.Balamurali Krishna liked TMS's 'Paatum naanae' a lot and applauded him a lot.

  14. MS is my relative :-)

  15. Anonymous7:07 AM

    tilo, MS is usually MS Subbulakshmi not TMS... So is it MS or TMS ?

  16. 1) yeah pisaasu is half correct. patta gavanichi parunga, actually oru 2 secondsku ulagathayae nikka vechuduvaru sivaji (supposed to be lord siva) adha pathu agambavam of balaya will go away as he can never do that through his songs
    2) Ofcourse Nagesh is excellent - not only comedy but also character roles (maadhu in yedhir neechal, father character in nammavar). I prefer Cho in combination with nagesh

  17. That movie is Nagesh's best if you ask me. Next is probably Bama Vijayam.

  18. ehto sangeetham pathi pesareengannu theriuthu athuku mela oniyom piriyala...Thiruvilaadal na nyabagathuku varathu Dharumi thaan... :-)

  19. I guess I am not really going to be understood here :-(

  20. Hi Ashok...am back after the GMAT prep hiatus...thanks for dropping by...watzup in Kabul sounds like an exotic qn - like whatzup in the Amazon?! ;-)

  21. Tilo - Arvindswamy is my relative. Well, at least he WAS when I was in school. Not sure now! ;)

  22. *I think some of u guys didnt get my point..anyway good to see other poins of view.

    *priyums...remember that the woodcutter's singing is good enough to stop nature according to the story!

    *Ms.C..both songs r all time classics no doubt

    *visit...populatity? hmm..maybe or maybe the director thought TMS's voice suited Sivaji the best?


    *keshi...i have a good collection of such numbers.only i dont get the time to listen to most of them :(

    *barath...agreed..Kamal has a good sense to utilize talents.

    *starry nights..hello!

    *CRs...that speaks for BMK's greatness...nice to know u r related to a legand

    *tilo... :)

    *shree...my qustion is not abt the story line

    *veda...i think TMS wud have brought out the 'agambavam' better :)

    *deepa... also Server sundaram

    *syam.. that was a classis scene

    *tilo... :) again

    *GJ...welcome back to blogworld...iam in India rite now ;)

    *boo...why not so sure? :)

  23. boo etc. some context for my remark

  24. i do agree. the roles should have been reversed. balamuralikrishna was so much better than tms and so was the song he got to sing, with its ragamalika possibilities and all that.

  25. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Not that I like TMS but he has sung many more film songs than BMK especially for MGR and Sivaji. Just like all ads in India show Sachin wacking Waqar for six, TMS deserved to be the singer for the winner. Why kindle a rivalry after so many years?

    All said, TMS sucks. Especially his "Adal udan padalai kettu rasipadhiley dhan sugam sugam sugam Nya Nya Nya.. Most irritating song!!!


  26. Oru kelvi5:51 PM

    does anyone know if the first two phrases of the apal (ahhhh's) are actually BMKrishna. it sounds like a more hindustani voiuce and a different recording. then on the 3rd phrase it sounds unmistakably like Balamuraliji